Graphic requirements

Type of curling Z [mm]
single Zwijka pojedyncza 10 - 15
double Zwijka podwójna 15 - 20
saddle Zwijka siodełkowa 25 - 30
Diameter of tube D [mm]
19 59,7
22 69,1
25 78,5
28 88,0
30 94,3
35 110,0
40 125,7
  1. Preferred graphics file formats: Corel Draw X3 or lower, (PDF, EPS, AI) Adobe Illustrator CS3 or higher.
  2. The files should contain projects with texts converted to curves. Otherwise, font files should be attached.
  3. The maximum number of colours to be used cannot exceed four.
  4. The colours used must be designated using the Pantone palette.
  5. Avoid uniform-colour backgrounds and rasters in the same colour. For process-related reasons, such elements should be made using separate print matrices, which reduces the possible number of colours to be used in the project.
  6. The maximum screen ruling on a white background is 110 (lpi).
  7. Do not use tonal transitions.
  8. The colour of the printed background (uniform-colour background) must be made without 2 mm margins.
  9. Avoid small texts in contour (e.g. white text on black background). The minimum print font size in contour is 6 pt.
  10. The minimum print font size on a white background is 5 pt. For special cases, the value is 4 pt.
  11. Provide information on non-standard types of printing inks (metallised) or priming enamels.