Aluminium tube – a tubular-shaped packaging container made of aluminium (purity 99.7%), closed from one side by an aluminium membrane and a cap, or just a cap for open tubes, and from the opposite side, once filled with a suitable substance (ointment, cream, gel, paste, glue, etc.), by the so-called (single or multiple) folding.

Neck – a tubular part of the tube at which a cap is placed.

Face – a cone-shaped part of the tube between the neck and the side surface; it can be plain, grooved, or with visible and tangible warning marks (e.g. triangles).

Side surface – a tubular side part of the tube.

Foot – a folded end part of the tube.

Membrane – a wall closing and sealing the tube, made of aluminium, inside the neck; most often, the membrane has to be pierced through with the cap in order to unseal the tube.